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About the Club


Blackhawks Soccer Club was founded in 2016 by Cesar Plasencia.  Our aim has been to create a club that serves our community in soccer.  Every coach and member of our club will understand that service is our priority.  Blackhawks is different in its formula for soccer development than most clubs in the USA.  Blackhawks will combine what we consider a tool that has allowed South America to be the best developer of soccer talent in the world and the best practices used for development in the USA:  FUTSAL. Many of the best players in the world, primarily from South America, credit FUTSAL as the primary reason they are so proficient and clean with their skill set. (See why FUTSAL) We are implementing FUTSAL in our formula for development just as they do in Brazil and Argentina.  FUTSAL will not be something we train once in a while; It will be a primary training tool for our younger teams. (See training calendar) We are convinced that our curriculum, training formula, and teaching methods will provide the opportunity for Blackhawks' players to be among the best players in their respective age groups in the country.  

Cosumnes River College
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