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U8-U19 Boys and Girls.



Applications will be reviewed and accepted or rejected based on pre-established criteria. The objective will be to have a broad geographic representation while providing a high level of matched competition. The application date may or may not be taken into consideration.

Only properly sanctioned and complete applications will be considered for acceptance. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be emailed to each applicant.



If the tournament must be cancelled due to inclement weather, acts of civil disobedience, war, destruction of facilities or other circumstances deemed by the Tournament Committee to be beyond the control of the hosting league, the tournament may retain up to 30% of the entry fee once the tournament’s expenses are verified. Refunds of no less than 70% of the team’s entry fee will be postmarked and mailed to the teams within 45 days of the approved tournament date.

Teams withdrawing after acceptance and after the deadline may forfeit their entry fees.



Individual teams may roster no more than 15 players for U9 to U10, 18 players for U12 to U14, 22 players for U15 to U19 and must comply with US Club rules and guidelines for team formation. If your team is traveling under a USYSA affiliation, proper paperwork as required by USYSA will apply. All players must have and use approved US Club credentials (or comply with USYSA guidelines) from the same season as those being used by the team with which they are playing. Players may not play or be on rosters on multiple teams in same age divisions.


Guest players will be allowed in accordance with US Club (or USYSA) Guest Player Policies. An individual team may utilize no more than 6 approved guest players for this tournament. At no time shall the number of players on a roster minus the number of number of players on the official team roster who will not participate in the specific event, plus the number of guest players being utilized for the specified event total more than maximum allowed. Guest players are defined as players who are currently registered, but who are not listed as a roster member of the team with which they are playing for the particular event. Guest players must use credentials from the same season as those being used by the team with which they are playing.


Each guest player must have a properly signed medical release form, player pass, and proper US Club (or USYSA) guest player forms signed.



Credentials from the same season for which the team is applying will be accepted in this tournament. The following credentials must be presented at the mandatory team credentials check-in.

For US Club teams:

Laminated US Club Soccer Player Pass: Each participating player must have a valid laminated US Club Soccer player card with a photograph. Cards that appear to have been tampered with may not be accepted.

  • Official team roster, as downloaded for the US Club web site.

  • US Club member passes from the appropriate player year

  • US Club membership forms for each player (medical release) with original signatures

  • Team must have at least one properly credentialed adult present on the sidelines for games. For USYSA (USSF affiliated) Teams:

  • An official team roster, including any applicable player add forms, player release forms, player transfer forms, adult add forms, and guest player forms stamped and signed by the appropriate league, district and/or state registrar or officials. • US Youth Soccer member passes from the same seasonal year for each player (including guest players) properly signed and stamped and approved by all required league, district and/or state registrar or officials.

  • An US Youth Soccer membership form with the medical release and hold harmless declarations signed in original ink by the parent or guardian (or by the player in the instance where the player is 18 years of age) for each player and guest player.

  • Team must have at least one properly credentialed adult present on the sidelines for games.

  • Proof of insurance from US Club

In addition to being checked at the on-line check-in or morning of the tournament, all members’ passes will be checked prior to the beginning of each match at the field. To ensure that your team is checked-in timely on tournament day, we encourage teams to arrive at the field no later than one hour prior to game time.


Each team must send a representative to the check-in 1 hour prior to first game. Tournament packets will be provided, including handouts and instruction. Teams failing to attend the mandatory check-in without prior approval of the tournament director will forfeit their games. Only players on the tournament roster may compete. No changes to the tournament roster can be made after check-in. Players may only be placed on one (1) team during the event.



The team listed first on the game schedule is the home team. Both teams will be seated in the designated areas opposite of spectators. Home teams should wear dark and away teams wear light. Conflicts in jersey color will be resolved by the away team being required to change jerseys. The referee will determine if there is a conflict in jersey colors or keeper jersey colors. The home team will be responsible for providing 3 game balls.



Teams must be at the field 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of their game in order to be checked in by referees or appointed tournament officials. Games will be started within 5 minutes of the designated start time. If a team has not taken the field with a minimum of 7 players within the 5 minute grace period, the game will be forfeited to the team that has taken the field with at least 7 players. If neither team takes the field within the 5 minute grace period, no points will be awarded to either team and the game will be declared a double forfeit.


The referee and/or Tournament Committee may terminate a game and award a forfeit if a team leaves the field during the game without the approval of the referee, the referee abandons a match due to excessive violent conduct and/or misconduct by the players, coaches or fans, or a team is deemed to be in gross violation of US Club, US Youth Soccer, or rules of this tournament.


In the event that a team willfully abandons a game or causes the premature termination of a game, the team may be requested to leave the tournament and forfeiture fines will apply.

Tournament points will be awarded to the team that did not forfeit based on the game score at the time of abandonment or as a 3-0 victory (10 points), whichever yields the higher point total.




U9–U12 Two 25-minute periods 

U13-U19 Two 30-minute periods

There shall be a 5 minute halftime rest period for all games. In preliminary games, tie scores will stand. In the case of a tie score in a championship match, the match will proceed immediately to FIFA penalty kicks. The length of any game may be shortened or adjusted if deemed necessary by the tournament committee due to significant delays resulting from field conditions, weather, daylight, injuries, or other matters.



Teams and players must be given a minimum rest period of 2 game between games. The rest period will commence when a team’s or player’s match ends and will end when the team’s or player’s subsequent match begins.



All games will be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws as modified by US Club rules or amended by these tournament rules. All games are FINAL–NO PROTESTS WILL BE ALLOWED.


All teams will be scheduled to play a minimum of 3 games. A game that is scheduled and not played due to forfeiture counts as a scheduled game, as we cannot prevent unforeseen forfeiture. Referees will be instructed to refrain from adding time to the game clock due to injury or other delays except under very special or critical circumstances. There will be no overtime in preliminary games – all ties will stand.


There will be NO heading allowed for U11 and below age divisions. Intentional heading at these age groups will be treated as an indirect free kick foul and will not be considered as an individual foul, no cards will be issued for any heading of the ball infraction.


Coaching is permitted from the team bench area ONLY, which shall be no more than 10 yards from the center line, in either direction. Any players wearing orthopedic casts, air splints, metal splints or any other item deemed hazardous by the referees will not be permitted to play in tournament games. Fans and spectators shall stay clear of the area designated for coaches and players at all times.



Unlimited substitutions are allowed with referee approval at any restart of play. All substitutions shall be made at the mid-field line, and the player being replaced must be off the field before another player may enter. All substitutions are at the referee’s discretion.



Tournament points will be awarded and deducted according to the following system: 6 points for a win

3 points for a tie

1 point for each goal up to a maximum of 3

1 point for a shutout

1 point deduction for each RED CARD and or Coach/Parent SEND OFF


In the event of a forfeit, the game will be scored as 2-0 (9 points) in favor of the team that did not forfeit. If both teams forfeit, there will be no score; therefore, no points awarded to either team. If a team withdraws prior to the completion of the preliminary games, all games in which they were scheduled to play but did not participate shall be scored as forfeits.



The team that wins all of preliminary games is the flight winner. If there is no team that wins all of its preliminary games or if there is more than one team that wins all of its preliminary games, then the winner will be the team with the most points. The second place team is the team with the second highest point total, and so on.


In case of a tie in tournament points following the completion of preliminary games, the


advancing team will be determined based on the following criteria in the order specified:

  1. Head to Head competition – team that won the head to head competition between the teams that are tied will advance

  2. Team with the highest goal differential advances (maximum goal differential is 4 per game)

  3. Team with fewest goals allowed advances

  4. Team with most goals scored advances

  5. Team with most wins

  6. FIFA penalty kicks immediately after the game or at a time to be arranged by the Tournament director

If there is a tie between three or more teams, the tie breaking procedures begins at subsection B above. When and if any two teams remain tied, the tie breaking procedure shall restart at subsection A above.



Four team flights – Teams shall play a three game preliminary round. Top two teams play a Championship game. Awards are given to first and second place teams.

Five team flights – Teams shall play a four game round robin. First place winner shall be determined by the top point earner in the flight. Second place shall be determined by the next top point earner in the flight. Awards shall be given to first and second place teams.

Six team flights – Two brackets of three teams shall be established. Teams play other teams in their brackets and 1 crossover with opposite bracket. First place winner shall be determined by the top point earner in the flight. Second place shall be determined by the next top point earner in the flight. Awards shall be given to first and second place teams.


Eight team flight – Two brackets of four teams shall be established. Each team shall play a three game preliminary round. The first place point earners in each bracket shall advance to a Championship match. Awards shall be given to first and second place teams.




Individual awards will be given in each playing division for first and second place. Each first place team shall be given a team trophy, and player medals, and CHAMPIONSHIP T-SHIRT, and second place teams will receive player medals.




Good sportsmanship will prevail at all times and is expected from all players, coaches, and spectators. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents, assistant coaches, team officials, and spectators at all times. Failure to control the conduct of their sideline may result in the ejection of the coach. Parents and spectators must sit on the opposite side of the field as their team.




Any player, coach, assistant coach, or registered team official receiving a sendoff (red card) will automatically be suspended from their next tournament game. Coach may be sent off for the conduct of the team’s fans and parents. The send off report with be reviewed by the Tournament Director who will determine, bases on the circumstances, if any additional suspension will be added. The Tournament Committee will have the authority to extend the suspension as deemed necessary.



US Club and California State Law expressly prohibit the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or any other controlled substances. Any team (including players, coaches, parents, and spectators) found to be in violation of this mandate will automatically forfeit all games played and face possible expulsion from the tournament.


The Tournament Committee is the “Court of Last Resorts.” The tournament committee will review any problems or issues that are not specifically covered and reserves the right to establish policy as deemed necessary. The tournament director and/or committee will have the final say on issues. The tournament director and/or committee reserve the right to change any rules stated in the tournament rules and any given time. The decisions of the Committee will be final and there will be no appeals.


Games may be shortened, at the discretion of the Tournament Director, due to weather, injuries, game delays or other factors that would unduly compromise the completion of the tournament as scheduled.


No pets alcohol, smoking, foul language, and bad sportsmanship are not allowed.



The Tournament Director and/or committee will be available at the tournament headquarters to answer questions and deal with problems. The site of the tournament headquarters will be published in the tournament packet. Should your team have any questions or concerns, the head coach ONLY may address them to the tournament director. The tournament Director/Committee will not discuss team-specific matters with parents, players, spectators, or managers. The tournament director and/or committee will have the final say on issues. The Tournament Director and/or committee reserve the right to change any rules stated in the tournament rules and any given time. Any team, from which a person other than the head coach repeatedly approaches the Tournament Director/Committee, especially after being asked to refrain from doing so, may face penalties and possible expulsion from the tournament.



Any injuries sustained during the tournament should be reported to the Tournament Director or Field Marshall so that an incident report can be completed.

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